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REMEMBER ME for clarity
REMEMBER ME for clarity

REMEMBER ME for clarity

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Naturopath Blended

Brain Fade? Wandering Mind? Forgetfulness? Can't concentrate?
When you need that extra brain boost REMEMBER ME has got what you need.

Blended by a naturopath these 5 premium herbs specifically boost memory, concentration and naturally enhances clarity so you can be the most effective person you can be.

THE LINE UP: Bacopa, Ginger, Rosemary, Gingko, Gotu Kola & Green Tea
(contains low levels of caffeine)

Bacopa - Assists memory, concentration, alertness, anxiety & stress

Gotu Kola - Anti-inflammatory that helps with arthritis, restless legs & cramps

Ginger - A metabolic stimulant the also helps with colic, fever & nausea

Rosemary - Increases concentration, enhances memory & treats headaches, anxiety & depression

Gingko - beneficial to the brain. Can help with short term memory loss, headaches, depression & vertigo.

THE PERFECT BREW:     85ºc    3-5mins
Enjoy hot or ice cold

HOT TIP: Always use freshly boiled water