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PEACE & QUIET to unwind
PEACE & QUIET to unwind

PEACE & QUIET to unwind

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Who doesn't need a bit of Peace & Quiet in their lives?
Before you even take a sip of this tea the aroma of mint and lavender will help melt away any stress you are feeling.

THE LINE UP: Green Tea, Cardamon, Ashwagandha, Lavender & Mint
(contains low levels of caffeine)

Green Tea: rich in antioxidants & amino acids to help you relax and keep stress at bay

Cardamon: helps to relieve headaches by relaxing the muscles

Ashwagandha: reduces stress & anxiety while improving mood

Lavender: the sweet aroma alone helps you to relax and it’s a herb well known for relaxation that reduces stress, aids with sleep, and is known to relieve the symptoms of a headache.

THE PERFECT BREW:     85ºc     3-5mins
Enjoy hot or ice cold

HOT TIP: Always use freshly boiled water