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Organic MTG Ice Tea Recipe

The iced drink of your dreams is now a reality. When you're feeling hot and need something refreshing, enjoy an organic and full-flavoured cold treat that's better for you than anything else on the shelves!

All our MTG blends are all natural with no sugar or nasties and can be enjoyed hot or cold so let's show you how to make the perfect ice tea.

What you need:

Your favourite MTG Tea Blend

Kettle full of water

Tea Pot

Glass Jar


Garnishes (Lemon, Lime, Mint or whatever you feel like)

What to do:

Boil your water

Add 2 tea spoons of tea (we use a large tea pot) to the strainer in your favourite tea pot

Once your kettle has boiled pour the water into the tea pot

Let it brew... time will depend on your taste. We prefer at least 3 minutes 

Once you reach your perfect brew take out the strainer
(don't forget to add those used tea leaves to your compost)

Now let it cool

Add ice to your glass and then pour over your cooled tea over the ice

Garnish with lemon, mint or whatever makes you happy

Anything that you don't drink you add to your glass jar and put it in the fridge so it's ready and waiting for when you need a refreshing organic sugar-free tea with benefits.




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